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BOGY-Praktikum am IPR

6 students visited the IPR through the BOGY (Occupational Orientation at Gymnasiums) and gained an insight into different fields of activity of computer scientists at the institute.
After a guided tour through the laboratories and a short explanation of the research fields, the pupils were able to experiment with basic robotics under the guidance of Daniel Braun.


By assembling an ASURO-robot it was possible to learn what the basic components of autonomous robot systems entail. At the same time the pupils learned that you have to use a soldering iron yourself in robotic research.


IThe assembled and tested robots were next programmed by the pupils.
After a short introduction into the programming language C the participants were ready to solve a great many problems: a remote control, driving around an obstacle and following a line on the ground.

Sample Program:


With a little practice the pupils will be ready for the participation at the Robocup and are now able to practice with their robots at home.
We are looking forward to seeing some of them in 2 years as competent and motivated students!