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Guest from Australia visiting the IPR

On Friday, the first of April, Mark Whitty of the University of New South Wales, Sydney visited the IPR. Mark is a PhD-student and will spend 6 months at the University Bremen, where he’s working as a visiting scientist.
His research fields are amongst others path planning in deformable maps and autonomous navigation in unknown environments. The application fields for his work are Micro Aerial Vehicles – MAVs Unmanned Ground Vehicles – UGVs.
The contact to Mark began at the Australian Conference of Robotics and Automation (ACRA), Brisbane, where the IPR was represented with the publication ‚Accurate Object Throwing by an Industrial Robot Manipulator‘ (W. August, S. Waeldele, B. Hein, H. Woern)
The visit of the Australian scientist involved presentation of his work at the UNSW.
The lecture contained many example scenarios and interesting videos of aerial and ground vehicles, which illustrated Mark’s fascinating area of research .
After lunch, a couple of scientists of the IPR presented their work and experiments.


These varied from projector-based interaction with robots (Alexander Steiger), Virtual Machine Vision for quality control in the production (Stepahn Irgenfried), the presentation of the 3-finger hand SDH-2 by SCHUNK (Ilshat Mamaev) to the demonstration of the human-robot-cooperation by Stephan Puls.
After a coffee break the visit continued with the swarm robot laboratory and the medical robotic laboratory (Holger Mönnich).

We thank Mark for his visit and hope to see him soon!



Demonstration of the Projector Based Interaction by A. Steiger.



The miniature robot “Wanda” (developed at the IPR) as a part of a swarm.



Mark Whitty as a Tele-surgeon in the MeGI-laboratory.



Demonstration of the Virtual Machine Vision by Stephan Irgenfried.



A handshake - a person as test object for the demonstration of the tactile sensor of the SDH-2 (presented by Ilshat Mamaev)