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A navigated milling platform

A navigated milling platform
project group:



Sixth Framework Programme


July 2007


January 2010

A navigated milling platform guiding the surgeon on the pre-planned path. In navigational procedures, it is usually necessary to monitor the pre-planned path on the screen while physically cutting the bone. This is not ergonomic and may lead to imprecise milling. Similar difficulties can be observed in the preparation of teeth. With the new system, based on a patent of the group, the surgeon and the dentist are not only optically but also physically guided. This guidance is controlled to automatically follow the pre-planned path. One of the main challenges is to investigate the contact between bone, tooth and the guidance, and to find out how the movement can be induced.

The current evolution of the Robot is capable of maintaining ±0.5mm accuracy on a complex trajectory. The trajectory includes a combination of curved surfaces, sharp corners and long straights.