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Reports about projects presented at the AUTOMATICA 2010

Reactive Grip

In Cooperation with the company SCHUNK latest reactive grasping research results were presented at this year’s Automatica 2010 in Munich. The exhibit visualized and explained necessary components and the application development system for the handling of mechatronic systems. In addition, some fields of application and skills of the SCHUNK dexterous hand SDH-2 were presented and further requirements for the integration of a multi-fingered gripper into real industrial applications were explained.



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For the Automatica 2010, the Collaborative Research Center 588 and the KIT presented the humanoid robot ARMAR-III. Within the scope of this presentation, the IPR presented together with the project partners the anthropomorphic robot hand and in particular the tactile sensor system.


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The aim of ImRoNet is to explore internet-based multimedial user interfaces for teleoperation of roboters and to validate experimental and conceive new methods and components for the design of intuitional handling of roboters in typical operational environment. With the use of new user interfaces new forms of interaction with roboters shall be enabled and therefor new application fields will be discovered. The main research are the development of new methods for the intermedial/intermodal  interaction, the development of new operation and control values, the transmittion of information over the internet and the development of autonomous roboter functions for the user support. Possible appilcations are the semi-autonomous teleoperation, support through a  remote expert or the augmented reality assisted attendance. Such teleoperative systems are suitable for the observation and controlling of technical constructions, buildings or environments. 3 main control modes with multimodal interfaces will be developed: teleassistance, telepresence and autonomous assitance and information system.


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