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Group Overview

Steuerung und Regelung für Robotersysteme (SRR)

SRR Logo
SRR Logo

The sensor based control of various automation systems is the main area of research of the SRR group. In this are we are focusing on three main research topics:

  1. Control systems
  2. Sensors and related data rocessing
  3. Human Machine Interfaces


Intelligent Industrial Robotics (IIROB)


The IIROB group focuses on intelligent solutions for intuitive programming and use of industrial robots. This concerns easy handling and operating industrial robots and their tasks. In particular in terms of expanding their range of applications we investigate new methods and algorithms to reduce programming complexity, to improve security and to enhance their precision. more

Medical Group at the IPR (MeGI)

Foto eines Medizinroboters
Medical robot

The Medical Group of the Institute for Process Control and Robotics is doing research on various medical areas. The research activities are focussed on surgical robots and augmented reality. Specific topics as part of the diagnostic and therapeutic workflow are imaging, image processing, operation planning, medical robotics and intraoperative visualization. Project funding sources vary from the European Union, German Ministery of Education and Research, German Science Foundation, State of Baden-Württemberg, Foundations to medical technology companies. To find out more please see our research projects. more

Cognitive Medical Technologies


The research group "Cognitive Medical Technologies" is working on theoretical and practical problems in cognitive systems in medical technology. Focus is set on the research of new assisting functions for minimal invasive surgery in abdominal regions.

Concerning software research is done for preoperative (planning optimal ports) and intraoperativ assisting functions (autonomous visual servoing). But the surgeon will also be supported by advanced hardware; namely the development of tactile sensors and displays and better instruments with more degrees of freedom.



CoMiRo - Collective and MicroRobotics

Mikroroboter der CoMiRo
CoMiRo's Micro Robots

Micro-system technology, nano and biotechnology are know to be key technologies of the 21st Century. In the strongly growing research activities in all these areas one works in different ways to open the world in the micrometer and nanometer range. Micro robotics forms the interface between these technologies and the classical robotics. It offers a possibility of intervening the micro world.

The Collective and Micro Robotics (CoMiRo) group at the IPR concerns itself since over a decade with the regulation and control as well as the hardware draft of micro robots. more