IPR at the ROBIO 2011

5 members of the scientific staff of the IPR took part at this year’s IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics (ROBIO 2011).

Philip Nicolai presented the OP:Sense system for robot-assisted surgery with camera supervision and won the second price together with Tim Beyl in the category “Best Video Presentation” for a example video for different in Intuitive modes of robot control implemented by OP:Sense.


The lecture of Alexander Kettler showed the behavior of a robot swarm, while sorting boxes with different colours by using simulations and model-based methods and also experiments with real Wanda-Robots. Furthermore several topics of the EU-projects Replicator and Symbrion were presented.


Jens Liedke reported on the docking mechanism of the Symbricator-Robot.


Rene Matthias reported on the essential aspects of the software-architecture that had been used and the underlying system software.


Lutz Winkler presented the metrics and diversity metrics of modular robots.