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IPR at the 5th SCHUNK Expert Days

 Again this year, at the 5th SCHUNK Expert Days on the 29th of February and the 1st of March, the IPR was represented with their mobile service robot SR1.
Dr.-Ing. Björn Hein, Simon Notheis and Michael Mende presented a mobile service robot, consisting of a platform, a modular robot arm with 7 degrees of freedom and a gripper, as well as a sensor head in the form of a pan-/ tending unit. The presentation was focused on the intuitive and partially autonomous teleoperation and telemanipulation capabilities, where the mobile platform can be moved around with a gamepad or a head mounted display. Also the sensor head, equipped with CCD camera and Kinect sensor, can be controlled via the Gamepad or the head mounted display (HMD), which allows for a broad view of the environment. The remote operator is thereby assisted by information about the overall status or obstacles distances, which are blended in the graphical interface via augmented reality (AR) and a 3D-Scene representation.
The telemanipulation task was to pick up random objects (represented by stuffed animals) from the floor and to place them on the loading space on the platform. First, the area on the floor where objects can be picked is shown to the operator via AR. After the automatic determination of possible grasp positions, the operator can verify them by overlaying the camera image and a simulation of a specific grasping process. The 3D-pointcloud stream of the environment enables the operator to observe the process simulation from various perspectives, which could not be captured by real cameras. The actual grasping process is autonomously executed by the robot, in which the obstacle distances and the collision detection are processed all the time.




SCHUNK Expert Days - Presentation of new technologies and developments


Simon und Roboter

Teleoperation and partially autonomous object grasping with the IPR’s mobile service robot

Simon mit Besucher

The international audience from the academic and industrial field was excited about the live demonstrations


Björn und Dirk

The new SCHUNK PowerBall-Arm