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Cooperation agreement with Ufa


In the course of a tour through Germany, a delegation from the Ufa State Aviation Technical University (USATU) visited the KIT and the IPR, on the 6th of March 2012.
The delegation consisted of Prof. Murat Guzairov, the USATU Rector, his wife Dr. Tatiana Baronina, and Prof. Nafisa Yusupova, the dean of the faculty of informatics and robotics and Dr. Diana Bogdanova.
During the stay, professor Hippler, KIT president, and Prof. Gusairov renewed the cooperation agreement between the KIT and the USATU for another 5 years.



Prof. Gusairov and Prof. Hippler signing the cooperation agreement



The cooperation between both universities was renewed for another 5 years



Prof. Yusupova, Prof. Guzairov, Prof. Hippler, Dr. Mamaev



Prof. Guzairov, Prof. Yusupova, Prof. Wörn