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School meets KIT: Students attending the informatikBoGy practical course at the IPR

 In the course of the BoGy - practical course, 5 students from different schools were guests at the IPR for 3 days. Divided into 3 teams, they solved the task of finding, grasping and sorting colored Lego bricks with a robotic gripper and a CCD camera. The teams were supervised by the IPR’s scientific staff: Daniel Braun, Ilshat Mamaev and Stephan Irgenfried.


Greifen eines Legostein mit der SDH-2 Hand

Grasping of a Lego brick with a SDH-2 robotic hand


Gruppenfoto BoGy Praktikum April 2012 am IPR

The student teams and their supervisors


Gemeinsam mit den Betreuern wurde an der Lösung gearbeitet

Working on solutions together with the supervisors


BoGy April 2012 Abschlusspräsentation

First important task: Structuring of the task and dividing up teams

Kommunikation der Komponenten

Defining interfaces and the overall process structure


Beschreibung der Greifhand

Task of the team “robotic gripper”


Aufgaben des Teams Bildverarbeitung

Task of the team “image processing”


Lösungsweg des Teams "Roboter"

Solution of the team “robot”


Greifen und Sortieren

Successful grasping of Lego bricks and sorting by color