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Students from the “Deutsche Schule Genua” at the IPR

Marco Adorni, a student at the “Deutsche Schule Genua (Scuola Germanica di Genova)“ participated in a two week internship at the IPR. An internship at a German-speaking institution is part of the school’s curriculum. Marco applied on his own initiative and his previous experiences in robotic and computer science were a determining factor for choosing him as a participant. His work at the IPR contained the advancement of an experimental framework for the sortation of color coded objects with a robotic arm and a 3-finger-grasper. Stephan Irgenfried acted as the advisor and mentor during these two weeks.


Marco Adorni zum erfolgreichen Abschluss seines Praktikums

Marco Adorni at the experimental setup with camera, robotic arm and 3-finger-grasper


Bildverarbeitung und Greifplanung

Marco designed and implemented algorithms for object detection and collision-free grasping

Marco was excited about the possibility to apply school math in various ways, even finding out that scientific challenging tasks can be solved with creativity combined with his knowledge. In the course of the internship, he had the opportunity to visit lectures at the university, getting an insight on the academic life. The IPR is pleased about having him as a guest at the institute, and thanks the “Deutsche Schule Genua” for the good cooperation.