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IPR at the conference IROS2013 in Japan

Dr. Jörg Raczkowsky, Frank Dittrich und Stefan Escaida Navarro visisted the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS2013) in Tokyo, Japan, from November 3rd to November 8th.

Dr. Jörg Raczkowsky participated in the workshop "Cognitive Surgical Robotics: From Virtual Fixtures to Advanced Cooperative Control" with a presentation on "Cognitive concepts for surgical robotics included in the OP:Sense platform".


Workshop participants


Frank Dittrich participated in the workshop Robotic Assistance Technologies in Industrial Settings (RATIS) with the talk “A Modular Cognitive System for Safe Human Robot Collaboration: Design, Implementation and Evaluation” (authors: F. Dittrich, S. Puls, H. Wörn).

Stefan Escaida Navarro presented his research results „Methods for Safe Human-Robot-Interaction Using Capacitive Tactile Proximity Sensors" (authors: S. Escaida Navarro, M. Marufo, Y. Ding, S. Puls, D. Göger, B. Hein und H. Wörn).