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Luzie Schreiter at the CARS 2016 in Heidelberg

At the CARS 2016 in Heidelberg (Germany) from the 21st to 25th of June, the IAR-IPR was represented by Luzie Schreiter.




She presented tow research papers „Intuitive workflow editor for OWL based semantic networks in medical environment“ (Authors: Simon Dürr, Anton Huck, Luzie Schreiter, Tim Beyl, Johannes Giehl, Markus Schwarz, Jörg Raczkowsky and Heinz Wörn) and „Situation Detection for an Interactive Assistance in Surgical Interventions Based on Random Forests“ (Authors: Luzie Schreiter, Patrick Philipp, Johannes Giehl, Yvonne Fischer, Jörg Raczkowsky, Markus Schwarz, Jürgen Beyerer and Heinz Wörn).