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DGR days 2016

The German Society for Robotics (DGR) organized its conference in Leipzig during the RoboCup from June 29th to 30th. The aim of the event was that the Ph.D. students introduce their topics and discuss their methods. 

The staff Hosam Alagi, Luzie Schreiter, Jessica Hutzl and Denis Štogl gave a lecture on their projects:


DGR Tage 16

 v.l.: L. Schreiter, H. Alagi, J. Hutzl

Hosam Alagi: “A multimodal capacitive sensor for Grasping and dexterous manipulation”, Luzie Schreiter: “Formal proofing and monitoring of surgical workflows”, Jessica Hutzl: “Cognition-Guided Surgery - Context-aware assistance in the operating room of the future”, Denis Štogl: “Motoric activation of persons with early stage dementia with a robotic system”.