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Professor Hein at the conference IROS 2016 in Korea

From 9 to 14 Oktober Professor Hein attended the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2016) in Daejeon, Korea with a lecture on "3D Contour Following for a Cylindrical End-Effector Using Capacitive Proximity Sensors" (authors: S. Escaida Navarro, S. Koch, B. Hein).



In addition, Mr. Hein presented research results from the TNS project in "Flexible Spatial Resolution for Preshaping with a Modular Capacitive Tactile Proximity Sensor" (S. Escaida Navarro, H. Alagi, A. Heilig, M. Mende and B. Hein) the Workshop "See, Touch, and Hear: 2nd Workshop on multimodal sensor-based robot control for HRI and soft manipulation" before.