Institute for Anthropomatics and Robotics - Intelligent Process Automation and Robotics Lab

IAR-IPR on the Innovation Day at KIT

The IAR-IPR was represented with two lectures and with the special exhibit human-robot-interaction on the innovation day NEULAND at the KIT.

As part of the transfer of knowledge and technology, Professor Kröger gave a lecture on "Innovation culture in Silicon Valley - Why is it faster there?"

Hosam Alagi and project partner of BÄR Automation GmbH presented the new technologies in the project QBIIK in the lecture "QBIIK - A learning logistics platform with tactile gripping system and decoupled human-machine interface".



Dr. Ilshat Mamaev and his student assistants Gergely Sóti and Nils Florian Ziebert demonstrated an interactive demo with the robot Franka Emika. The visitors were invited to hide an object under one of two cups and to push it over the table as part of a "shell game". With the help of smart sensors, the robot was able to identify the object with the chip, locate it and reveal it by grasping.