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Members of the Bundestag Dr. Anna Christmann and Dr. Danyal Bayaz on a visit at the IPR

The Members of the Bundestag Dr. Anna Christmann and Dr. Danyal Bayaz (both Alliance 90/The Greens) visited the IPR on July 13.

Anna Christmann is spokeswoman on Innovation and Technology Policy. She is a member of the Enquete-Commission for Artificial Intelligence and takes a stand for a faster and more decisive development of a German AI-strategy.

Danyal Bayaz is commissioner for startup companies and member of the committee ‘Digital Agenda’.

He campaigns for investments in education, digitization and ecological modernization.

Professor Kröger presented the Kuka Udacity Robot Learning Lab which allows access to real robots for students all over the world.

Afterwards the Members of Parliament took a great interest in demonstrations on the research areas Human-robot Interaction, Machine Learning and Augmented Reality.


Professor Kröger presents the new Kuka Udacity Robot Learning Lab


Dr. Ilshat Mamaev and his student assistant Gergely Sóti demonstrate Human-robot interaction with a modern lightweight robot.


Paul Scheikl demonstrates how Machine Learning can be used to predict the right moment for grasping.


Yingbing Hua explains how the planning of a new robot cell can be facilitated by Augmented Reality.