Institute for Anthropomatics and Robotics - Intelligent Process Automation and Robotics Lab
Stephan Irgenfried

Dipl-Ing. (FH) M.Sc. Stephan Irgenfried

  • Research Assistant
  • group: Steuerung und Regelung für Robotersysteme (SRR)


Personal Information

place of birth Vilshofen an der Donau
nationality deutsch
marital status married



1998-2002 University of Applied Sciences Wiesbaden "TV and media engineering",  Dipl.-Ing. (FH)

Diploma-Thesis: "Development of software components for distribution of multimedia content in a DVB network" , EU research project  "MAMBO" (IST 2000 - IV.5.2)

2000-2002: Internship and Diploma-Thesis at T-Systems Nova, Darmstadt. Research work on videocompression and streaming applications

2002-2003 Software engineer for Ferchau Engineering, Frankfurt a. Main

2003-2008 Software engineer and project manager for Böwe Systec AG, Augsburg (Postal-Automation, OCR technologies, Databases)

2008-2009 University of Applied Sciences Mannheim "Master of Information Technology", M.Sc.

Master-Thesis: "3D-Mesurement of dynamic scenes using color fringe projection"

since Jan. 2010: Research Assistant at the KIT. Institute for Process Control and Robotics



"Friedrich-Dessauer-Preis" of the VDE Rhein-Main for the best Diploma-Thesis (2003)

"Konrad Adenauer Stiftung", Stipendiat (2000 - 2002)


Object filter for organising the distribution of postal items
European Patent EP1577806

Method for immediate transmission of audio-visual messages to groups of receivers
European Patent Application EP1467567


Research Projects:

2000 - 2001: EU-Projekt (Program IST) "Videogateway": A video gateway between the next generation broadband Internet and the current narrowband Internet for live and on-demand access

2001 - 2002: EU-Projekt (Program IST) "MAMBO" (Multi-services Management Wireless Network With Bandwith Optimisation): The key objective of the MAMBO project is to develop, implement and assess an universal, open and scalable platform that manage the distribution of high quality interactive multimedia DVB / IP services through a terrestrial access network, to mobile and residential end-users by an optimal allocation of the allowable bandwidth.

2009: BMWi-Project (Program Pro-INNO II) "QuaGuss": Development of a fast and flexible 3D-mesaurement sensor that is robust against object surface

2010: BMBF-Project (Program "KMU innovativ") "CADaVISION": Simulation of industrial computer vision applications using CAD, surface simulation and a knowledge database.

2012: BMBF-Projet "MAID" (Mobility Aid for Handicapped Persons): Development of a electromechanical device to support handicapped persons to stay mobile

Research Areas:

- Machine vision applications
- Synthetic Ground Truth for machine vision application
- 3D Technologies



Inspection Planning for Optimized Coverage of Geometrically Complex Surfaces.
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Acquisition and storage of multispectral material signatures – Workflow design and implementation.
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