Institute for Anthropomatics and Robotics - Intelligent Process Automation and Robotics Lab

Growth Modelling

  • contact:

    Dr. Jörg Raczkowsky

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  • startdate:

    March 2006

  • enddate:

    February 2009

In this project a model of the growth of the human cranium is to be developed, with the objective of expanding the possibilities of surgeons for diagnoses, operation planning and treatment. For this purpose modelling and visualisation work needs to be undertaken. The propability for children to suffer from craniosynostosis is 1:1000. With this disease one or more cranial sutures are adhered provoking pathological growth of the cranium. In consequence the brain or the optic nerve can be damaged. Through being able to model the growth of healthy and unhealthy cranium, the surgeon is enabled to estimate whether an operation is indicated or not. At present the surgeon subjectively decides on the necessity of an operation. In addition, the growth process should be inverted in order to modelize the cranium back in time and re-modelize it assuming that the sutures are open as long as they should be. Thus an individual cranium of reference for operation planning can be generated, facilitating the aims of osteotomy through defining a designated postoperative appearance.