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    Dr. Kirill Safronov

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    Ende 2010

The project is funded in the programm of the BMWi
"Förderung der Erhöhung der Innovationskompetenz mittelständischer Unternehmen" Pro Inno II.

The research point of the project “Quaguss” is the development of the depth-image-based 3D surface measurement method that in contrast to the known methods and measurement devices is not sensible to the surface features (i.e. roughness, fouling, toolmarks, etc.).
In cooperation with the industry partners “Vision Tools” and “Büchner” a system for rapid and robust 3D surface measurement is being developed. The developed system works with 2 cameras as a stereo-camera system. Each camera captures several images with different stripe patterns. The image correspondence analysis is carried out with the help of ratio-image based approach.
The 3D surface measurements of the moving objects are also being researched at the IPR, which allows avoiding the production line downtime.


Figure 1. Object with the stripe pattern


Figure 2. 3D object surface profile


Figure 3. 3D object model