Institute for Anthropomatics and Robotics - Intelligent Process Automation and Robotics Lab

SFB588 - TP Tasten und Greifen

  • contact:

    Nicolas Gorges

  • project group:


  • funding:


  • startdate:

    01. July 2001

  • enddate:

    30. June 2012

This subproject investigates anthropomorphic robot hands for a humanoid robot within the context of SFB 588. The research of the IPR focuses on the control system and the grasp-planning system of the hand in collaboration with the project partner from the FZK.
The long-time goal of this subproject is to handle everyday objects in a household scenario.
The contributions of the IPR includes the enhancement of exploration and grasp skills for the robot hand, the investigation of exploration strategies and experience-based grasping.