Dr.-Ing. Marc Szymanski

  • group: Collective and Micro Robotics


Personal data

Place of birth: Düsseldorf
Nationality: German

Curriculum vitae (short)


Informatics 1997-2003 at the University Karlsruhe (TH). Diploma thesis: "Design and Implementation of a flexible position control for microrobts " ("Entwurf und implementierung einer flexiblen Positionsregelung für Mikroroboter")

Since 2004

Research assistant at the IPR

In the media

Quarks und Co - Das Geheimis des Schwarms (WDR 10.04.2007)

hitec - Die geheimen Baupläne der Natur (3SAT 20.01.2008)


"Swarm intelligence in robotics"("Schwarmintelligenz in der Robotik");,IBM Informatik Akademie - "Trends in der ITK" (IBM Stuttgart 28.09.2007)

Research group / projects


Since March 2008 - furhter information


Since February 2008 - furhter information

EU Project I-Swarm

Since January 2004 - furhter information


Since March 2002 - This projects aims to develop a prototype of a multi-robot-manipulator. This system shall be able to handle both objects in the micrometer and the nanometer regime. The system is based on a swarm (5-10) of small (cm³) mobile autonomous robots. These wireless agents, which are are equipped with electronics individually, cooperate to solve different tasks in the areas of montage and handling of nanometer or micrometer objects. The developed system contains many essential subsystems, like a global positioning system for the high-precision position-measurement (~1 µm) for every robot, powerful manipulation tools and a wireless power supply of the robots. Furthermore an interface and systems to transport the µm-sized objects into the work area of the robots are developed. Furhter information

Research areas

Swarm robotics

Multi-robot systems composed of many autonomous robots. The control of the system is based on self-organization, which is accomplished by local communication and stigmergy. Currently there is analytical method to create a control program of a given task. So genetic programming is explored as a possible candidate for the autonomous programming of robots.


Robots used for the handling of objects in the sub-mm regime. Cooperating micro-robots, swarm robotics.