Photo von Simon Notheis

Dr.-Ing. Simon Notheis

  • group: Intelligent Industrial Robotics (IIROB)


Personal Information

Place of birth: Karlsruhe
Nationality German
Marrige status unmarried


Simon Notheis studied informatics at the university Karlsruhe with a focus on robotics (diploma thesis:"Applications of augmented reality for industry robots" ("Einsatz Erweiterter Realität bei Industrierobotern"), IPR, Universität Karlsruhe), Ubiquitous Computing (short term thesis: "context-sensitve applications in the office - aware office" ("Kontextsensitive Anwendungen im Büroumfeld - Aware Office"), TecO, Universität Karlsruhe) and image processing (supplementary subject: "Development of an half-automatic comic filter" ("Entwicklung eines halbautomatischen Comic-Filters"), Hochschule für Gestaltung, Karlsruhe).

since November 2006

Research assistant at the IPR.


Research areas

Intuitive Teleoperation, Augmented Reality, Software Architecture