FabOS - open, distributed, real-time capable and secure operating system for production

Within the scope of 'FabOS', an open, distributed, real-time capable and secure operating system with focus on AI applications is created. FabOS is not to be seen as a classical operating system, but rather as a platform inspired by an operating system: single, independent components are provided to connect machines, services and infrastructure. Consequently, FabOS will function as the IT backbone for the factory of the future, with special focus on a versatile, flexible and automated production as well as on data-driven AI applications.
As FabOS shall cover most industrial fields, a consortium consisting of numerous partners from industry and science was set up. The IPR takes the role as a research partner for stationary robotics, especially focusing on the fields of safety and AI.
In detail, the IPR tasks are as follows:

  • Developing wrappers to connect common robots and robot hardware (grippers, cameras, …) to FabOS
  • Integrating produced data into FabOS; using FabOS for exchanging data
  • Planning and implementation of FabOS applications for functional safety in the field of robotics, e.g. development of a robotic supervisor verifying (AI) decision making with regards to safety-constraints such as speed limits and allowed working space
  • AI-based safety hazard detection for robot cells
  • Development of visualization tools for users in order to comprehensively demonstrate the AI supervisor decision making (by presenting reasoning for a potential intervention of the supervisor to the user)
  • Investigating the transferability of AI knowledge between different robotic setups with FabOS in the framework of a bin picking application as well as optimizing this transferability