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Dr. Niels Dehio organized a workshop at the ICRA 2019

Last Friday, Dr. Niels Dehio organized and moderated a workshop at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA).


Workshop auf ICRA 2019


The KIT-IPR workshop on “Continuous Management and Scheduling of multiple simultaneous prioritized Tasks for redundant Robots” was well attended. Highly-recognized international keynote speakers presented their works in the domain of task-prioritization.

Three main topics have been discussed:

  1. prioritization schemes that allow priority rearrangement
  2. learning time-(in-)dependent priorities
  3. (planning) smooth contact transitions

The poster session allowed authors and participants to interact with other researchers. The workshop ended with a panel of all speakers discussing future work directions.
For more details regarding the workshop refer to the webpage: