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Remote access to our KUKA Robot Learning Lab at KIT now available for everyone

Free public access to our KUKA Robot Learning Lab at KIT is now available. The lab allows users to upload own robotics applications over the internet, which will be executed by the robots in the lab.




Currently, a starter project is available to users in order to get familiar with the control of the robots in the lab.

The lab will be integrated into the robotics curriculum at KIT and it will allow students to gain practical experience in developing robotics applications. Additionally, as part of school projects, high school students will be introduced to robotics and programming in general. Furthermore, the lab will serve as a research platform with experimental setups for the worldwide research community. You can find more information here.

Users can register on the webseite and test some of the demo projects right away to get familiar with the operation of the lab. Then, their development environment can be set up according to the documentation and based on a detailed “hello world” program, the robot can be teached new movements. Users can also ask for help in our forum.
Programs can be uploaded at any time and they will be enqueued in a waiting list. The uploaded program will be executed as soon as a robot is available. Users can observe the robot live via a webcam in the robot workcell.