Institute for Anthropomatics and Robotics - Intelligent Process Automation and Robotics Lab

Project with the KUKA Robot Learning Lab at Karlsruhe Girls High School "St.-Dominikus"

On January 30th and February 4th, we conducted a project at the Girls High School St.-Dominikus in Karlsruhe, where students of grade 9 could program the robots in our KUKA robot learning lab.

Within 2x90 minutes, the students first programmed the joint values to create motion sequences like a “bow” or “waving” of the robot. Then, they used commands to directly steer the robot to certain positions in order to “draw” symbols or letters in the air.

The programs were written in Python within a fully pre-configured virtual machine with Linux, using the SDK of the RLL. More information can be found in the documentation of our RLL.

With this project, we gained valuable feedback, which problems occur for users not familiar with the lab, so we can now further increase the usability of our lab.

The statement of the school can be found here (German only). Special thanks to Mr. Julian Merkert of St.-Dominikus-School, who paved the way for this project on the part of the school.