Institute for Anthropomatics and Robotics - Intelligent Process Automation and Robotics Lab

Dr. Ilshat Mamaev and Gergely Sóti at the virtual conference ICR

The IPR was represented by two researchers from the IIROB group at the International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Robotics 2020: Dr. Ilshat Mamaev as keynote speaker and session chair with the contribution "A Concept for a Human-Robot Collaboration Workspace using Proximity Sensors" (I. Mamaev, H. Alagi, G.Sóti, B. Hein) and Gergely Sóti with his work on anomaly detection "A Modular Deep Learning Architecture for Anomaly Detection in HRI" (G.Sóti, I. Mamaev, B. Hein).


Due to the corona pandemic, the conference was held virtually, not as originally planned in St. Petersburg.