Six papers presented at IEEE ICRA 2021

At this year's International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2021) the IAR-IPR was represented with a total of six papers. Due to the Corona pandemic, the conference did not take place in Xi’an as originally planned, but virtually.

The following papers were presented by our staff:

  • Lars Berscheid, Christian Friedrich and Torsten Kröger: "Robot Learning of 6 DoF Grasping Using Model-Based Adaptive Primitives"
  • Tom Huck, Christoph Ledermann and Torsten Kröger: "Virtual Adversarial Humans Finding Hazards in Robot Workplaces"
  • Jonas Kiemel and Torsten Kröger: "Learning Robot Trajectories Subject to Kinematic Joint Constraints"
  • Ilshat Mamaev, David Kretsch, Hosam Alagi and Björn Hein: "Grasp Detection for Robot to Human Handovers Using Capacitive Sensors"
  • Patrick Schlosser and Christoph Ledermann: "Achieving Hard Real-Time Capability for 3D Human Pose Estimation Systems"
  • Wolfgang Wiedmeyer, Philipp Altoé, Jonathan Auberle, Christoph Ledermann and Torsten Kröger: "A Real-Time-Capable Closed-Form Multi-Objective Redundancy Resolution Scheme for Seven-DoF Serial Manipulators"