Institute for Anthropomatics and Robotics - Intelligent Process Automation and Robotics Lab

Reactive Grasping with the SDH-2

  • contact:

    Thomas Haase

  • project group:


  • funding:

    Fa. SCHUNK

  • startdate:

    November 2008

The aim of the new IPR cooperation treaty, that started in November 2008, is to develop und to explore new reactive grasping skills for the SCHUNK three-finger Dextrous Hand SDH-2 that suits industrial needs. The main focus is on the construction of trusted software modules, that allows reliable, controlled und nearly autonomous grasps, the realization of self-contained grasp corrections, techniques to manipulate unknown object und to explore with tactile sensor possibilities. 

The mechanical development of the SDH-2 finished in 2008 and was awarded as the most innovative product the MM-Award in the category of grasping technologies. This way the successful cooperation with SCHUNK could be renewed for the benefits of further software development. First functional principles of reactive grasping and the handling of several unknown objects with a standard two finger parallel gripper were already shown at the Automatica and Motek exhibition in 2008. It was demonstrated, in which way a combination of industrial grippers with new tactile sensor materials is possible to manage power control, grasp more sensitive and develop new control systems. In addition the manipulation of soft and elastic materials and objects based on the information of the tactile sensors is possible.